Philosophical Hermeneutics in the Islamicate Context

    This conference would like to engage with one specific context among all those which were and still are, as it were, “affected” by philosophical hermeneutics: the Islamicate context. The Islamicate context seems to be particularly relevant for three reasons at least: 1) The Islamicate context is intertwined with the Western context in a way that calls for asking whether the application or the import of philosophical hermeneutics in general does or does not require a minimum of shared history, and whether one should speak – in the particular Islamicate context – either of a cultural or a conceptual transfer only? 2) The Islamicate context retains a clear and sound reference to religion that makes its entanglement with philosophical hermeneutics a burning challenge for all parties involved. Is it true, as some contend since several decades, that philosophical hermeneutics can help interpreting Islamic thought anew? 3) The Islamicate context and the Western context are not just intertwined, but they are also penetrating each other. How does philosophical hermeneutics contribute to their mutual understanding?



    Philosophy of Afterlife Workshop

    Professor Yujin Nagasawa at the University of Birmingham and Dr. Benjamin Matheson at Stockholm University have recently edited Palgrave Handbook of the Afterlife, which provides a sophisticated, scholarly overview of the most advanced thought regarding the idea of life after death.



    VII. Din Felsefesi Kongresi

    VII. Din Felsefesi Kongresi & Din Felsefesi Anabilim Dalı Koordinasyon Toplantısı “Gençliğin Değerlerini Tehdit Eden Postmodern Akımlar” temasıyla 06-07 Ekim 2017 tarihlerinde On Dokuz Mayıs Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi ev sahipliğinde gerçekleştirilecektir.



    Din Tasavvuru ve Dinin Yaşanmasını Tayin Eden Etkenler

    Din Felsefesi Derneği olarak 2017 senesinde düzenlediğimiz atölye çalışmasında dindar insanın kimliğini oluşturmasını ve dindar bir insan olarak yaşamasını tayin eden etkenleri ele aldık. Program içeriğine linkten ulaşabilirsiniz.



    Theistic Ethics Workshop

    Contemporary philosophy of religion has been richly informed by important work in metaphysics and epistemology. At the same time, there has not been nearly as much work done at the intersection of philosophy of religion and meta-ethics or normative theory. To help inspire more good work in this area, Christian Miller (Wake Forest), Mark Murphy (Georgetown), and Chris Tucker (William and Mary) organize a series of annual workshops on theistic ethics.

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